Is the CFPB in trouble? It’s eerily quiet.


I enjoyed a speculative article in Market Watch on Richard Cordray.  Is Cordray a sitting duck until after Ohio elects a new governor?  Seems far fetched, but it is juicy.  John Kasich can not run again to term limits in Ohio law.  Like Kasich, but kudos to Ohio for creating term limits.  We need more term limits.

“Despite several calls by House Republicans for President Donald Trump to fire Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray, the president could decide to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.”

Last week, USA Today chimed in with “Changes loom for America’s consumer watchdog”  President Trumps executive order on the core principals for regulating the United States financial system never mentions the CFPB.  If you have not read the executive order, you should. It’s good stuff.

It would be terrible if the CFPB had to die a long and painful demise b/c of a lack of funding 🙂





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