The brains behind Cash Net USA

Cash Net USA is the largest online payday lender. Crain’s magazine highlights the Subprime Millionaire, Al Goldstein. It looks like Al is hanging up the online payday business to become a landlord.

Mr. Goldstein is reportedly going walk away with $70M at the age of 28 after paying out his investors. Considering that Cash Net USA started in 2004, it does not make a lot of sense. That would have made Al fifteen at the time. If this is the case, it’s even more impressive, but these facts do not line up because he also worked on Wallstreet for a breif stint.

Regardless, for the PDL Industry, it does not get any better than Mr. Goldstein’s story.

I’ve also included an interview done by Mr. Goldstein by BizTech Magazine. He pretty much attributes all his success to their superior technology.

I like his advice:

Every single mistake that we’ve made — not only in IT but companywide — always has to do with being shortsighted, whether it’s not spending the right dollars, or making a decision that will only last for a month because it’s easy today but then you have to spend twice as much or three times as much money down the road.

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