The most ignorant comment of the day

In Missouri, Deputy General Counsel Mike Dandino said:

“customers who most often used payday loan services were poor, elderly or living paycheck to paycheck. Many of the same customers either face threats of disconnection or have fallen behind on bills, making them easy targets for high-interest loans.”

I find it hard to believe that a highly educated person would stereotype these people. New flash: people that use payday loans, use them b/c they can’t pay their bills on time.

In an article titled, “Public Counsel targets utility billing, payment practices“, some Missouri legislators want locations that offer payday loans to stop offering payment services for utilities.

Richard J. Mark, senior vice president of energy delivery at AmerenUE, said,

“the utility tried to provide customers as many options as possible, including payment centers spread across its 25,000-square-mile service area.”

Dandino also says:

“It is not in the interest of consumers to have utility companies steer customers to these predatory lenders,”.

Great! We have another Elliot Spitzer on our hands. Hey Dandino, just do you’re job and leave saving the world to to someone else. Ask the people who use payday loans properly, if they’re bad.

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