Zest Cash’s Pivot to Spot Loan

Not sure how this was overlooked.  It’s certainly old news, but worth revisiting.  Remember the big splash Zest Cash made?  Well, they made a big pivot in an article titled “Big Date for the Poor“.

I thought…

  • Bring legitimacy to our industry because a high profile Google guy got involved.  WRONG.
  • Would ZestCash dominate SEO results?  WRONG.
  • Would ZestCash start cherry picking everyone’s customers with lower rates?  WRONG.

So what happened?

  1. They probably realized that dealing with these state regulators their rediculous laws was a huge PIA (Pain In the A$$).  I could write a 10 page blog post on this one.
  2. Charging less fees for a payday loan does not guarantee a lower default rate.
  3. Letting the Indian tribe do the loans and collecting a huge management fee is the most lucrative way to run a payday business.
Did they give up?  No.  They found a better, easier, more lucrative way to make money.  Didn’t you hear? Money makes the world go round.
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