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Why the media tells half truths about payday loans

I was reading this article. It had all the elements of a sensational story. The little old lady, during the holiday season and the $1700 balance on the $600 advanced. She leaves a great sound bite: “When I got these papers in my hand and got to looking at them, I thought, I’m being stolen […]

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Everyone is blaming payday loans

“Payday loan customers who are approved on their first application are morelikely to file for bankruptcy than those whose initial applications are denied,according to a study out of Vanderbilt Law School.” This article title “Payday loans create bankruptcy danger” places an interesting spin on things. What it proves is that payday lenders will just not […]

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Opinion on capping rates at 36%

The Progress Illinois blog wrote a very thorough article on the current landscape of the sub-sub prime lending in Illinois. Below is the comment I left on their site. Here is the biggest problem in the industry. The people that pay have to pay for the people that don’t pay. There’s always two sides to […]

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Ohioans for Financial Freedom Commercial

You can view it here. I think the commercial make a point, but it’s not very ernest. Forget the commercial for a second and let’s hear what people had to say. It’s near the bottom of this link. I’m sick of hearing people correlate the mortgage crisis with payday loans. It’s imflamatory and doesn’t even […]

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