Ohioans for Financial Freedom Commercial

You can view it here. I think the commercial make a point, but it’s not very ernest. Forget the commercial for a second and let’s hear what people had to say. It’s near the bottom of this link.

I’m sick of hearing people correlate the mortgage crisis with payday loans. It’s imflamatory and doesn’t even make sense, if you knew anything about the payday loan industry. People really need to be honest about this subject. People over-paid for their homes and got easy credit. Now they want to bail these people out, although they forced housing prices up for good credit borrowers. Thanks for rewarding fiscally responsible people.

I tell people that they should not take out a payday loan, just like I tell them to pay off their credit cards each month. How do you educate people if you pull their feet out of the fire everytime because you feel sorry for them.

Here are the comment I liked:

Posted by jmacleve on 08/12/08 at 8:30AM
“I do agree with the part about choice (and what jaquick said). You don’t want to use a payday lender? Don’t. But stop telling other people how to run their lives.
Yeah, people pay extra for these loans. But I see more money going over the counter for lottery by people who probably can’t afford it than any payday loan. Why aren’t you patronizing types lobbying to end the lottery? After all, it feeds on a lot of the same people!”

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