Clarity Makes Store Front Lenders an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Clarity is a real-time credit bureau for the alternative finance industry.  Based on my personal experience, they have a lot of passion for the industry.  Now, you can also call them ambitious…..

Clear Recent History, is being made available at no-charge for storefront providers who contribute loan data to Clarity.

What is Clear Recent History?

“As a trade line report designed for storefront small dollar credit providers, Clear Recent History provides key information such as consumer’s loan activity over the past 90 days, loan inquiries, detailed trade line information for open and closed loans, past due amounts, and collections and charge off activity. It also indicates whether the consumer has applied for small dollar credit in the last month and year, and the number of days during the past month and year a consumer had one or more loans open.”

I already use Teletrack.  Why do I need Clarity?

If you’re wondering what your customers are doing online, Clarity is going to help you.

I’m a lender.  How can I take advantage of this deal?

Contact, or join a webinar at

How do I report loan data back to Clarity?

The easiest way to report back to Clarity is through your LMS (Loan Management System).  Otherwise, you can report manually through Clarity’s website.

You may read the full press release HERE.



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