Fair and balanced article about the state of cash advance loans in Ohio

It’s unfortunate that in Ohio, you can’t call a cash advance a payday loan anymore. Sure it’s just a name, but it perpetuates the reputation of a payday loan as something bad.

This article, at Cincinnatti.com is titled “Payday Lenders Drying Up“, is 4 pages long; but does a nice job showing both sides of the debate. For once, they got some actual cash advance customers on the record. I think it’s worth sharing:

“Are you going to loan me $200 for two weeks for $30? I don’t think so,”
said Linda Coleman, a 28-year-old machine operator and nursing student from
Colerain Township. She was borrowing money to cover her quarterly water bill,
acknowledging she uses short-term loans about once a month.”

“My personal belief is I don’t think it should be regulated – you should
personally educate yourself.” Says Mike Montgomery. He actually avoids
short-term loans because he and his wife know people who’ve “gotten pretty far
behind” using them. Still, he was sure they “help some people.”

“Johney Easterling, a 47-year-old maintenance worker at a social-service
agency who lives in Deer Park, said he borrows money about five times a year. He
doesn’t see any problem with the fees as long as he doesn’t borrow too

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