How To Improve Email Deliverability

Pretty good article in Inc magazine titled, “5 Rules: How to Avoid a Spam Filter“.

Here are the 5 tips:

  1. Create a unique subject title.  
  2. Avoid ‘salesy’ trigger words. 
  3. Keep the format simple. 
  4. Use graphics sparingly. 
  5. Limit the number of URL links. 
From a technical standpoint here are the common keywords that get caught up in Spam filters:
Advertisement, Business, Cash, Cheap, Commodity, Congratulations, Credit, Deal, Debt, Degree, Disclaimer, Discount, Free, Gimmick, Guarantee, Income, Ink, Investment, Joke, Load, Marketing, Merchant, Money, Obligation, Offer, Opt, Opportunity, Outstanding, Payoff, Price, Profit, Promo, Promotion, Rate, Refund, Rich, Sales, Save, Shop, Spam, Spree, Stock, Subscribe, Trading, Wealth, Win, Winner, Winning, and Won.
For the hardcore email marketer, read “How Spam Filters Work” by Mail Chimp.

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