Ohio in a nutshell

This was taken from a radio interview in Ohio. Here are the parties involved:

Ted Sauders is the CEO at Checksmart.
Lundy is the Ohio Rep that’s sponsors the new bill that will put lenders out of business.
Rick Jackson is the interviewer.

Jackson: What happens to you and your company if 209 passes?

Saunders: We leave the state

Jackson: That cut and dried? We leave the state?

Saunders: We’ll pull out all of our stores, and I’ll have to let go all
those people, and I’ll find
something different to do with my life.

Checksmart operates over 90 stores in Ohio. Representative Lundy
says the legislation is not meant to destroy the industry, but to make lenders
comply with the mandate previously set by Ohio voters.

Lundy: We’re just simply trying to enforce issue 5, the 28% cap, and I
would suggest that the industry change its business model to make things work
because that’s where Ohioans want to be.

Check out the full article here.

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