South Carolina looks to undo Gov. veto

A payday bill that is supported by the industry, consumer groups and legislators passed 41-4 in the Senate and 102-6 in the House. The Governor decided to veto this bill. Law makers will probably over-ride this veto.

This article in The Sun brings up a good point:

“The administration has always fallen solidly on the side of maximizing individual liberty – so people are able to make both the stupid, and wise, decisions that are the hallmark of a free and market-based society,” the governor wrote in his June 2 message.

In a free market society, to make it work, we have to let people make bad decisions; if that is their will. If you don’t, it’s not free.

A spokesman from Advance America had this to say:

“the measure helps those who can’t pay, while ensuring access to the short-term credit.”

My understanding is, let people make decisions for themselves, whether their good or bad; but let’s alleviate the consequences if they’re extreme.

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