Tribal Loans to State Residents

Blake Sims and Justin Hosie of Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C write an informative article titled “Tribal lending titled, Tribal Loans to State Residents – The Next Test of Sovereign Immunity.”  The article provides a brief history and then summarizes some key cases that relate to payday lending.

So does partnering with a Native American tribe provide immunity to your payday loan business.  The answer is:  It depends.  You will need to get the right advice from the right attorneys.  I’ve had the pleasure of working w/ Blake on two occasions and he’s great.  Unfortunately, I have not have the opportunity to do a deal for the Sovereign Nation Model.  I hope I get that opportunity.

Want to read more.  Here is an article about the “FTC Investigates Native American Tribe Payday Loan Operation.

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