Who is Charles Horton?

A 40-year-old “self-made multimillionaire” with more than 50 “retail financial outlets” that will help you walk on burning coals.

I secretly love this “mind over matter” stuff.

Here is an excerpt from the Dallas News article titled, Can a walk on hot coals lead you to enlightenment?

“How many of you were raised with the concept that ‘money is the root of all evil?’ ” he asks with a voice that could have inspired Ian Fleming “My belief system says that’s absurd.” Horton fills us in on his mobile-home childhood with a dad on the run from the IRS. Starting a check-cashing business as a teenager, he went on to make some major money with a payday loan company and attended seven Tony Robbins seminars. Throwing in a quote from Donald Trump, he promises we can achieve Black Card status, too, and we need only work 15 minutes a day for $1 million a month. He does. I see dollar signs in everyone’s eyes.

This is a PDL forum. Does anyone know Charles?

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