Al Goldstein Is At It Again.

Avant Credit is the brain child of CashNetUSA founder Al Goldstein, former Enova V.P. John Sun and former CTO of Debtye – Paul Zhang.  Avant wants to add a new credit approach to online lending by using big data.   Currently operating in about 15 states, with Colorado and Texas coming soon.

The portfolio is around $10m, with $27.5m in funding according to Cranes Chicago Business.

Want to learn more about Al Goldstein?  He cashed out of CashNetUSA back in 2007 for an estimated $265m where he personally reaped $70m.   This year he was named Earnst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for his work in Pangea properties.   It’s been a meteoric rise for the 32-year old Goldstein.

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