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Payday Loan Opinion in the Baltimore Sun

In Maryland, lenders are using the CSO model to provide a cash advance to customers.  There is a pretty harsh opinion in the Baltimore Sun.  The comments section is open if you want to give your $0.2.  Here is the article. From what I can tell, there are three states where CSO’s are working:  Texas, […]

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CSO’s in Texas going strong

I read an pretty well written opinion by Rebecca Lightsey titled: High-cost lenders profit from desperate times. I think it’s pretty well written, although I do not agree that payday lenders are benefiting from the bad economy. First, payday lenders rely on their borrowers having a job. If people don’t have a job, they can […]

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Arkansas Lenders Holding Strong

101 payday lenders in Arkansas are gone since the beginning of ’08. Of the 237 operators 136 are still offering loans. 55 (I counted 54) of the lenders are operating “in defiance” of the attorney general using various methods. The other 81 lenders are operating outside of state regulation and will face “potential” scrutiny, whatever […]

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CSO Resources on Texas state website. A short article and manual for purchase: and 3rd party lender for payday, installment, title and CSO lending. manual from Trihouse.

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