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Renting versus Owning Software

We had a customer that made a lot of money in this business. Back in 2003, we structured a deal to sell our system to him for $75k. The system was about 20% of what it is today. I think everyone is familiar with the phrase, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” What we […]

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CSO Resources on Texas state website. A short article and manual for purchase: and 3rd party lender for payday, installment, title and CSO lending. manual from Trihouse.

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What’s Better and Does It Even Matter?

Payday loan software is a pretty vague subject. Just like anything that’s vague or hard to explain, I’ll break it down into something we can all relate to. Before I get started, I promise not to use any of the following techical terms in this article: SQL, open source, Apache, Linux, Windows, disk space, bandwidth, […]

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Why Offer a Free Trial?

A free trial for payday loan software is basically a way to test drive a car. In the process, you get a feel of the car, the dealership and purchasing starts to feel real. Potential customers see the 30-day trial as a demo CD and it’s really not. I understand the demo CD because the […]

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